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Corporate Responsibility


Supplier performance may be measured in three ways:

a assessing overall performance;

a assessing the performance of a specific product;

a commissioning on-site audits performed by an independent third-party.

In 2012, more than 60audits were conducted with EcoVadis or other organizations. Over the past two years, audits have assessed 204 or 14% of the targeted suppliers, who have implemented around 40 remedial action plans.

Actions with operations

In liaison with the Sustainable Development Department, the Corporate Procurement Department has identified ten product/ service priorities where buyers can make a difference by sourcing the best solutions for the Group, which can then be deployed operationally via the hotel brands.

Every year, each country organization chooses three of the priorities to address, depending on local issues. To measure improvement, key international performance indicators are then defined for each one.

The ten priorities are:

Accor uses the expertise of an environmental NGO. In 2012, we distributed an international best practices handbook describing sustainability specifications for sustainable fishing and containing a questionnaire with supplier indicators and an aquaculture best practices guide.

10.outside cleaning and security contractors, who account for most of the Group’s outsourcing.


In 2003, Accor France management met with union representatives to define the process of outsourcing room cleaning in owned and leased hotels. The resulting protocol agreement on guidelines and conditions for using subcontractors requires strict compliance with labor laws and regulations and defines such aspects as working hours, the calculation of paid hours, and training. Compliance is regularly tracked with employee representatives.

In 2010, a self-assessment questionnaire concerning employee-relations practices was prepared and submitted to subcontractors in France, Germany, Australia, Spain and Italy.

In late 2011, our corporate social responsibility audit firm, Ernst & Young, was commissioned to conduct a social audit of all of our cleaning services contractors in France. In 2012, the findings were used to prepare and deploy contractor-validated action plans and to share identified best practices across the contractor base. Also during the year, Ernst & Young audited all of the fire protection and security service providers in France, according to the same process.

Horizontal actions

Integrating sustainable development into the 7-step sourcing process

Sustainable development should be integrated right from the first step in sourcing, so that responsible solutions can be offered to our internal customers. Before even initiating a sourcing process, an in-depth analysis of the sustainable development challenges inherent in the purchasing category concerned may be performed and shared with the buyers so that they can include the appropriate clauses in RFQ specifications.

One of the objectives is to integrate eco-designed products and, more generally, sustainable development criteria into RFQ specifications. To date, they have been integrated in around 40 of the 98 categories, including complimentary products, cleaning products, wood paneling, paper and carpeting.

As part of its eco-design commitment, Accor may also request that partners share their product life cycle assessment (LCA) data or to perform LCAs with the support of independent outside firms, in order to determine the best environmental solution.