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Corporate Responsibility


Latin Total scope % change at Europe America of reporting comparable

Charter 21 Results

excl. Asia-and Rest of

2012 scope of Eco-designed products France France Pacific Caribbean the world

2011 reporting*

Number of applicable hotels 1,285 927 503 203 162 3,757 /

Use eco-friendly cleaning products 83% 92% 91% 92% 94%

51% +29% Use certified paper for printing 83% 86% 78% 79% 70%

77% +11%

3,080 88% 82%

Preventing health risks

Preventing health risks is a core concern at Accor.

A maintenance and inspection program has been deployed to prevent the development and spread of legionella bacteria, with samples taken annually from hotel installations and analyzed by outside laboratories. In addition, hotels track the risk of Legionnaire’s disease in the SET application (see page 50 ).

Moreover, kitchen health inspections are performed using the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) system and applying the same process as the one used for legionella bacteria inspections.


Protecting personal data

Accor is committed to protecting each guest’s personal information, with a Global Hotel Guest Privacy Policy clearly describing how this information is used.

The following seven Privacy Principles are applied by Accor SA
and its subsidiaries around the world:
a transparency;
a legitimacy;
a relevance and accuracy;
a storage;
a access, rectification and objection;
a confidentiality and security;

a sharing and international transfer.
The Policy is applicable to any data processed by the owned,
leased and managed hotels and to any Accor SA booking
websites, notably and the brand

The Accor procurement process

Accor purchases products in around one hundred different categories from the owned and leased hotels. The Procurement Department also sources products for the managed and franchised hotels.

The procurement organization comprises 19 Purchasing Departments around the world and 200 employees who devise a wide array of product-supplier solutions, whose products and negotiated prices must meet the needs and expectations of both hoteliers and corporate marketing, technical and other teams. The solutions must also comply with legal, safety, reliability, sustainable development, ethical and marketing standards.

The different purchasing families have been structured into six categories, as shown in the following chart (in percent of total consolidated purchases):

Purchasing categories


6% 17%

26% 19%

Operating purshases (e.g.: linen & laundry, housekeeping, cleaning products, complimentary products, uniforms, etc.) Intellectual services (IT, Marketing, consultants) Equipment, furniture, renovation