Get Adobe Flash player 2Corporate Responsibility SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT In 2012, 15% of hotels offered products from farms certified as sustainable. Charter 21 Results Fair trade and sustainable agriculture France Europe excl. France Asia-Pacific Latin America and Caribbean Rest of the world Total scope of reporting % change at comparable scope of reporting*2012 2011 Number of applicable hotels 524 562 458 182 153 1,879 1,747 / Serve fair trade products* 89% 23% 0% N/A 7% 56% 34% +8% Serve products from sustainable farms 3% 29% 19% 14% 20% 15% 9% +13% Number of applicable hotels 524 562 458 182 153 1,879 1,747 / Offer balanced dishes in the restaurant 86% 90% 88% 85% 76% 87% 62% +15%

* Among the countries with a national Fairtrade labeling organization.

Actions involving a hotel restaurant concerned 61% of reporting hotels.
In 2012, around 526 tonnes of fair trade products or products from sustainable farms were purchased by Accor hotels worldwide.


Responsible eating

To enable guests to maintain a healthy diet, restaurants in Accor hotels offer nutritionally balanced dishes and meals. In 2012, balanced diet recommendations were developed to enable hotel managers to create nutritionally balanced dishes and make them easier to identify on the menu.

These recommendations include:

a the major principles of a balanced diet (types of ingredients, practical advice, etc.);

Charter 21 Results Europe excl.
Nutritional balance France France

a recommended and discouraged ingredients;

a appropriate preparation methods (cooking methods, seasonings, etc.);

a recommended proportions of each food group.

In 2012, 87% of the hotels with a restaurant had at least one balanced dish on their menu, compared with the 2015 target of 80%. This sharp improvement was driven by the distribution of balanced diet recommendations across the entire network. The challenge in the years ahead will be to maintain this result and to deploy signage enabling guests to identify these dishes.

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2012 scope of Pacific Caribbean the world

2011 reporting*

Product selection

As part of its sustainable procurement and eco-design process, Accor is certifying the use of products that are more environmentally friendly and healthier for guests and employees.

Certified for use in every Accor hotel, a full range of cleaning products carrying the EU Flower, Green Seal or Nordic ecolabels are helping to reduce the environmental and health impact of room cleaning.

As part of the PLANET 21 strategy, we are committed to having 85% of the hotels using eco-labeled products by 2015.

During the 2012 Charter 21 exercise, 89% of the hotels reported using at least one eco-designed product for flooring, painting or cleaning.