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Corporate Responsibility


Water supply from local sources

With a view to holistically managing all of the hotels’ water use and limiting the impact on local resources, Accor is seeking to identify all of the water withdrawals connected with its operations.

To date, the proprietary MACH Asset Management application, currently being deployed, has identified:

a 22 hotels using desalination facilities;

a 76 hotels using wells in addition to the public water system;

a 66 hotels equipped with a water treatment plant;

2.3.5. ENERGY

a 38 hotels with rainwater cisterns.

Comparing the MACH and OPEN data will help to make the data inputted into OPEN more reliable.

As part of the water use reduction programs, Accor intends to pursue this commitment to managing water use, in particular in regions suffering from water stress, i.e. where there is not enough water to meet the needs of the population and the environment, or where resources are being depleted.

Several actions have already been initiated in line with Charter 21, and 189 hotels are equipped with rainwater recovery systems, 28 more than in 2011.

Tracking energy use The table’s consolidated data represent actual use, as measured

by the readings reported monthly by all of the hotels in the So as to track the hotels’ intrinsic performance, the indicator scope of reporting. used is kWh per available room.

The table below shows the total amount of energy used worldwide and by region for 79% of the owned, leased and managed hotels.

Latin America Europe excl.

and the Rest

Total scope France



Caribbean of the world of reporting

Energy data

Owned Owned Owned Owned Owned


& Ma& Ma& & Ma

& Energy use Leased naged

Leased naged

Leased Managed

Leased naged Leased Managed 2011

Number of validated hotels 373 17

614 51

79 199

46 -22 58

Energy use in MWh 455,584 46,588 919,345 130,854 117,932 1,171,580 63,682 88,645 246,601

2012 1459 1,336* 3,240,807 2,896,146

* In 2011, the scope of reporting included 1,940 Motel 6 and Studio 6 hotels, which used a total of 3,421,916 MWh.

Energy used by type




ectricity Fuel District heating systems

Source: Water and energy data reported in OPEN.