Get Adobe Flash player 2Corporate Responsibility ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT Penalties paid following a court ruling onenvironmental claims Accor has not been the subject of a court ruling in connection with any environmental claims. challenges using widely distributed presentation materials. Charter21 Results Raising employee awareness France Europe excl. France Asia-Pacific Number of applicable hotels 1,285 927 503 3,080 Train employees in environmentally-friendly practices 97% 97% 94% 97% Have a designated sustainability manager 56% 79% 66% 67% * Hotels reporting data in both years. Raising guest awareness The new PLANET21 sustainable development strategy also comprises an innovative program to raise guest awareness of these issues and encourage them to participate in hotel initiatives. At every step in the guest experience – during booking, for example, or in the room and the restaurant – informative signs demonstrate the simple things people can do to make a difference.

Environmental provisions and guarantees

The risk mapping exercise conducted by the Risk Management Department, which covered all of the Group’s operations, did not report any major information concerning the environment. As a result, no material provisions have been set aside for environmental risks.


Raising employee awareness

a A vast sustainable development employee training program is now underway, based on a dedicated e-learning module created specifically for the Hotels business with the Académie Accor in France.

The module is enabling participants to embrace sustainable development issues and the PLANET21 program’s ambitious objectives, while raising their awareness of the daily, environmentally-friendly actions that can be applied in different parts of the hotel, including guest rooms, restaurants and kitchens.

Already available in eight languages, the unique module will be deployed more extensively in 2013.

a In addition, “Sustainable Development in my Job” fact sheets have been prepared for all of a hotel’s job families, including head station waiters, cooks, housekeeping floor supervisors and Sales Directors. Adaptable to each hotel’s local situation and priorities, they offer assistance and practical advice in deploying effective sustainable development procedures.

a On April21, 2012, 71 country organizations participated in the first PLANET21 Day to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development. Formerly known as Earth Guest Day, the event is designed to build awareness of sustainable development issues among Accor employees.

The Day is organized in the hotels, in collaboration with nearby Accor hotels, guests, local communities and employee families.

A very large number of employees got involved, leading actions to support the 21 commitments of PLANET21 , such as planting trees and cleaning up beaches, lakes and public parks.

April21, 2012 also kicked off the PLANET21 program, with head offices and hotels unveiling the PLANET21 strategy and its

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Plant for the Planet is a unique project that invites guests to reuse their bath towels and hoteliers to donate half of the laundry savings to one of the reforestation projects Accor is supporting around the world. As of year-end 2012, 1,290hotels, or 39% of the total network, were participating in the project. The Group is committed to increasing this percentage to 60% by 2015.