Get Adobe Flash player 2Corporate Responsibility ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT Coverage by region and operating structure Water and Energy France Europe excl. France Asia-Pacific Latin America and the Caribbean Rest of the world Total scope of reporting Owned & Leased Managed Owned & Leased Managed Owned & Leased Managed Owned & Leased Managed Owned & Leased Managed 2011 Coverage rate 85% 49% 94% 65% 89% 69% 58% 0% 69% 52% 79% 71%* 2012

* Excluding Hotel 6 and Studio 6.

Unless otherwise specified, indicators for water and energy and greenhouse gas emissions concern hotels in France, Europe excluding France , Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the rest of the world ( Africa, Middle East and North America).

Data may be accessed at every operational and functional level, enabling several kinds of comparison, such as year-on-year and between hotels, countries or brands, using relevant operating indicators.

Franchised hotels, hotelF1, Formule1 and ibis budget hotels under commission-based management contracts in France, Australia and South Africa, Mercure Apartments in Brazil and Adagio City Aparthotels are not included in the scope of reporting for water and energy data.

Compliance with the procedures for reporting water use, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and the reliability of these procedures have been reviewed by Ernst & Young since 2009.

Certification procedures

Group policy

For several years now, Accor has been leading ISO 14001 certification initiatives with the goal, as part of the PLANET 21 program, of earning certification by 2015 for 40% of the hotel base, regardless of operating structure (excluding budget hotels). This highly demanding international certification requires careful diligence on the part of hotel management teams, in particular to maintain compliance with the latest legislation, and continuous improvement in environmental performance. By the end of 2012, a total of 785 hotels, or 31% of the network (excluding budget hotels), had been certified.

The 40% objective does not include hotels in the budget segment, due to both financial reasons and a lack of human resources. Certification is a highly demanding process for all of the employees of a hotel, which makes it difficult to implement in lightly staffed budget hotels. Nevertheless, an ibis budget hotel in New Zealand is currently working on ISO 14001 certification as part of a pilot program to determine feasibility and the adjustments required to earn certification for this category of hotels. The budget segment includes the hotelF1, Formule 1 and ibis budget brands, which account for around 20% of the network.

To deploy certification across the brand base, an Environmental Management System (EMS) known as “PLANET 21 in action” is now being finalized after having been implemented in late 2012 by AcadĂ©mie Accor France, our first training campus to be ISO 14001 certified. It enables a hotel to diligently manage its environmental strategy, so as to improve performance while complying with ISO 14001 standards.

Deployment will also be facilitated by an e-learning module to be introduced in 2013 to provide step-by-step support for hotels in implementing the ISO 14001 EMS.

Brand involvement

In 2004, ibis was the world’s first hotel chain to initiate an ISO 14001 environmental certification process and by December 31, 2012, 565 ibis hotels in 30 countries had been certified.

To optimize the management of both guest satisfaction and environment performance, the ibis chain has deployed an Integrated Management System (IMS) combining ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 14001 environmental standards, so that environmental issues are now holistically addressed as part of a hotel’s General Management process.

In 2008, the Novotel brand began an international program to earn EarthCheck environmental and social certification. As of December 31, 2012, 220 Novotel hotels had been EarthCheck certified in 34 countries.

In 2012, the brand reasserted its commitment by deciding to upgrade to ISO 14001 certification, the global benchmark in environmental management. It is now actively strengthening worldwide roll-out of certification programs with the new objective of earning ISO 14001 certification for all of the Novotel and Suite Novotel hotels by mid-2014.

During the transition period, the brand has asked Novotel hotels not to renew their EarthCheck certificates, with the result that 43 hotels lost their certification in December 2012.