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The worldwide target is for women to account for 35% of hotel General Managers by 2015, which represents a mid-point on the way to meeting the overall objective of 50%.

As of year-end 2012, three of the eleven members of the Board of Directors were women, or 27%, and two of the eight Executive Committee members were women.

At that same date, Accor had 62,363 women employees worldwide, accounting for 47% of the total workforce and 41% of managerial staff.

On December 10, 2012, Accor launched Women at Accor Generation (WAAG), an international women’s network open to both men and women employees of any Accor brand. Through its eight regional networks, WAAG is committed to fighting against stereotypes and the self-censorship of women, primarily by mentoring women employees, sharing experience, conducting training and facilitating networking.

In 2011, Accor joined eight other French companies in a

research study of gender stereotypes conducted by IMS Entreprendre Pour la Cité, a French organization that promotes corporate social responsibility practices. In the case of Accor, IMS surveyed employees of our hotels and head offices in order to quantify gender stereotypes and their impact on discrimination against women and opportunities for women to serve in positions of responsibility. Published in 2012, the findings showed that while Accor demonstrated positive stereotypes, due to its high percentage of women employees, much remained to be done to improve social cohesion and attenuate feelings of gender discrimination. The study helped to raise employee awareness and led to a number of action plans, which will be implemented in the future.

All of the teams in the head offices and the owned and leased hotels in France are covered by a gender diversity agreement, signed in 2011 for the hotels and in 2012 for the Accor SMI headquarters in Evry and the Accor SA headquarters in Paris.

People with disabilities

In France, the Integrating the Disabled Project (MIPH) is an integral part of the diversity action plan. It is governed by a Group-wide agreement concerning the hiring and retention of disabled employees, whose renewal for a further threeyear period (2012-2014) was signed with all of the employee representatives in 2012.

Under the agreement, the MIPH team carried out the following actions during the year:

a 37 people were hired in Accor France operations, mostly under permanent contracts;

a 92 training and awareness-building sessions were conducted in our hotels, in particular through partnerships with schools. These sessions are sometimes a first step to hiring, with nine participants being offered job contracts.

a 57 people with a hearing or vision impairment or a psychological disability were hired and trained in kitchen, dining room and housekeeping skills through customdesigned training programs. The Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel, for example, took on nine disabled people for a three-month training program with the goal of offering them a permanent employment contract upon graduation;

a 30 employees were able to keep their jobs thanks to support from Mission Handicap, which i) helped to analyze their workstation ergonomics, leading to improvements in design and equipment; ii) provided financial support for the purchase of medical equipment; or iii) conducted skills reviews;

a 30 disabled people working in sheltered workshops were employed under a Group partnership program.

In November 2012, two new communication campaigns – one for employees and the other for young people in hotel schools, apprentice training centers and special needs schools – were launched to facilitate the hiring and integration of people with disabilities. Expressing the same strong message – “every day, we welcome very different people and we have always hired them” – both campaigns illustrated the reality of the diversity and disability experience at Accor with messages resonant with the target audience.

In France, on a full-time equivalent basis, a total of 536 disabled persons were employed at December 31, 2012, representing 4.15% of the workforce for the year.

In other host countries, a variety of initiatives have been taken to support jobs for the disabled, depending on local legislation and local management priorities.

For the past year, Accor Thailand has pursued a program to hire and onboard people with disabilities in all of its hotels. On December 3, 2012, the International Day of People with Disability, it received an award in Bangkok from the Ministry of Labor. So far, more than 30 disabled people have been hired by our operations in Thailand.

In Brazil, application of our disabled diversity policy is being facilitated by local legislation encouraging the hiring of the disabled. As of December 31, 2012, the various Group brands employed a total of 105 people with disabilities.

Age diversity

At Accor headquarters, jobs for people over 55 are being promoted through a three-year action plan, signed on November 2, 2009 and running through December 31, 2012. It is designed to keep the percentage of these employees in the workforce steady over the period at the 5% observed at the date of signature by implementing measures in six areas:

a encouraging the hiring of people over 55 by developing the

anonymous résumé and creating a module to train managers

and HR staff in non-discriminatory hiring practices;

a offering all employees over 45 a second-half career interview;

a improving and guaranteeing access to training for employees over 45;

a expanding information on retirement systems and introducing part-time working solutions;