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a performance. Inclusiveness and social cohesion are important factors for well-being in the workplace, because a fulfilled employee is an efficient employee.

Commitments to support diversity

Our steady support for diversity and rejection of all forms of discrimination have been formalized in a charter and a Groupwide agreement.

Signed by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Denis Hennequin and deployed in 15 languages in 2011, the International Diversity Charter serves as the foundation of our diversity policies. It expresses seven key commitments:

a give every employee the opportunity to succeed by taking their capabilities into account at each stage in their careers;

a fight against all forms of discrimination on the basis of ethnic, social or cultural origin, gender, age, physical characteristics, disabilities, religion, language, marital status, union membership, sexual orientation or other characteristics;

a conduct diversity surveys in every host country;

a offer every manager diversity training or a sensitivity course, based on the local situation and available training resources;

a explain our policy to all of our employees and partners;

a act as diversity ambassadors to our customers, suppliers, hotel owners, investors and other partners, with the goal of fostering a shared ethical commitment;

a report to the Executive Committee once a year on diversity programs underway across the Group, to obtain the Committee’s guidance and recommendations for pathways to improvement.

Four priorities have been defined for the period to 2015:

a diversity of origins;

a gender equality in the workplace;

a integration of people with disabilities;

a age diversity.

Our support for diversity and rejection of discrimination follows on directly from the 2004 signature of the French government’s Diversity Charter.

More recently, in 2012, our Polish subsidiary Orbis became one of the first companies to sign the Polish Diversity Charter. During the year, the subsidiary’s senior management focused on two diversity priorities: maintaining gender equality in executive positions (women accounted for 40% of hotel General Managers in Poland at year-end) and raising employee awareness of age diversity in order to improve management behavior.

Corporate Responsibility



Promoting diversity and equal opportunity

The measures undertaken to promote diversity have been shaped both by the ambitious commitments demonstrated at the highest level and by locally defined action plans. The main initiatives led in 2012 addressed the following issues.

Populations in need

Accor is committed to supporting equal opportunity in education and the hiring of people from underprivileged backgrounds.

We are a founding member of the Second Chance School in Paris, part of a network created in French cities in association with the European Social Fund to facilitate the workplace integration of young adults, 18 to 26, without any qualifications or degrees and who have been out of the educational system for at least two years. Accor informs them about hospitality jobs and the vocational degrees and qualifying certifications they require and provides support and advice in writing résumés, preparing for job interviews and other critical job-seeking skills. We are currently working with every Second Chance School in France. Furthermore, a national partnership agreement has been signed with EPIDE, a Ministry of Defense-sponsored organization that assists young people with workforce integration.

Created in 2006 in association with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and the Moroccan Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (DFP), Accor Morocco’s apprentice training center has three objectives: to train young dropouts, fight against the marginalization and exclusion of people seeking to re-enter society and defend women’s rights in rural communities. During the 8th International Diversity Symposium, held in Morocco in 2012, Accor Morocco received the Diversity Award in the “Hiring and Integrating the Disadvantaged” category.

In Australia, Accor hotels continued their Indigenous Job Ready Programfor the fourth straight year. Since 2009, the program has offered intensive training sessions to develop basic hospitality job skills. In partnership with the Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and Job Services Australia (JSA), Accor organized 16workshops across the country in 2012. 130indigenous people attended, enabling 90 of them to be hired by the Group.

Gender equality in the workplace

The 2012 diversity reporting process enabled us to determine the percentage of women in management positions at the hotel General Manager, Operations Director and country Executive Committee levels, as well as in head offices, notably among senior executives. At December31, 2012, 27% of General Managers of owned, leased and managed hotels were women.