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a Be Yourself, the talent selection stage, is led by the School of Excellence, a program for future Sofitel managers offered in exclusive partnership with 15hotel schools worldwide;

a Be Ready trains participants to become Ambassadors. Flexibly organized over one to 24months, this stage includes seven training modules and leads to accreditation as Ambassador;

a Be Magnifique offers accredited Ambassadors the possibility of managing a team, communicating brand knowledge and culture, becoming an expert in their field or becoming a certified trainer at their hotel.

Launched in 2010, Novotel’s “Move Up” global human resources policy was still being rolled out across the worldwide Novotel network in 2012. It is designed to increase Novotel’s attractiveness and employee retention through six programs:

a Welcome, a six-month onboarding program for all new employees that by year-end 2012 had been deployed in 253 hotels around the world;

a Itineraries, a skills qualification course that employees can complete at their own pace. By year-end 2012, it had been deployed in 112hotels, with roll-out in Europe scheduled for completion in 2013;

a Novotel Service Attitudes, a program defining the brand’s service style and spirit that by year-end 2012 had instilled new service skills in teams at 250hotels around the world;

a Globe-Trotter offers participants a two-year track towards a position as department manager, with one year spent in another country on the same continent;

a GM Pass, a 12-month program for department managers interested in moving up to a hotel General Manager position;

a Visa provides an opportunity for top performers in a given job to work for a month in another country. A total of 121employees have been selected for the program since2010.

Keeping the brand spirit alive

The brands also offer their employees training programs to help them express the brand identity to customers and deliver the excellent guest experience they expect.

In 2012, Mercure began to deploy the Mercure Quality Pact, supported by two e-learning modules developed in partnership with the Académie Accor . Intended for non-management personnel, “Discover Mercure” offers a comprehensive introduction to the brand and its quality commitments, while the “Manage Mercure Quality Guarantee” module for managers focuses more on the quality process, with a review of its stages, practices and compliance procedures.

Following the creation of the ibis megabrand in late 2011, the challenge in 2012 was to make every employee an ambassador in demonstrating to customers the meaning of this strategic change in our economy brands. By November, 97% of General Managers had participated in kick-off events organized in the various countries and regions. To get all of teams behind the project, two training modules were developed and led by the General Managers: “Discover ibis family” and “Becoming a Customer Ambassador.” A full 91% of the teams attended the courses in November2012.


Accor’s commitments to employees are also expressed in the goal of promoting diversity, as well as in fair compensation, good working conditions and meaningful social dialogue with stakeholders.

A commitment to diversity

Accor is deeply dedicated to recognizing the individual differences of every employee and to ensuring that human resources management processes are based entirely on capabilities and performance. This commitment, which is structured around formalized undertakings for the Group and priorities set for 2015, reflects four major challenges for Accor:

a corporate social responsibility. As a fair and sustainable employer, Accor has the duty to reflect the diversity of its host communities;

a being perceived as a good place to work. A diverse company that respects its employees is well perceived by the public;

a sales and marketing. Integrating diversity helps us to understand guest expectations and to devise solutions that resonate with them;