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The Académie Accor’s primary mission is to train employees so that every guest enjoys impeccable quality of service. Its second mission is to support the Group’s expansion by enhancing professionalism in every job family. With the current commitment to opening 1,000hotels by 2015, training is playing an essential role in maintaining the pace of growth. This is particularly the case in certain countries without any hotel schools, where the Académie serves as an effective substitute.

The Académie Accor is guided by three fundamental teaching goals:

a to reflect each brand’s real promise and identity by designing, producing and delivering their dedicated course content;

a to stay attuned to the latest economic, technological and social trends, by offering innovative learning resources in phase with changes in the marketplace;

a to ensure that all of the programs convey Accor’s unique culture, management philosophy and hotel management methods.

Always an innovation-driven organization, the Académie Accor now offers training programs increasingly based on blended learning technologies. In this way, it can train employees both on-site and online, to develop their skills where they work via e-learning modules, virtual classrooms and other computermediated activities.

Today, detecting, developing and retaining the finest talent is a critical challenge for supporting Accor’s assertive growth strategy, making training and education a core aspect of our business. With more than 250 training modules offered in 20 languages and adapted to local requirements, the Académie Accor is positioned as the international benchmark in hospitality skills development.

International mobility

With operations in 92countries, Accor offers employees a wide range of international career opportunities. Employees who want to take postings outside their home country are supported by the International Mobility and Expatriation team, whose role is to:

a help managers and human resources teams in each country to identify and recruit the right people for their needs and to define the contractual terms applicable to each employee;

a support employees at every stage of their project and the mobility process, by verifying their project’s feasibility, for example, or providing cross-cultural sensitivity training;

a ensure compliance with the Group’s international mobility policies covering moving costs, temporary lodging on arrival and other issues.

To support the change in its business model, one of the Group’s challenges today is to identify local talent and help them to

Corporate Responsibility



evolve by giving them international experience. Acquiring new expertise, sharing experience and comparing best practices will enable them to move up the organization.

Because Accor is committed to putting down deep roots in every host country, it is encouraging local employees to take on greater responsibilities in its hotels. As of December31, 2012, 73% of the General Managers of owned, leased and managed hotels were nationals.

A dedicated International Mobility intranet site provides employees with such useful information as travel and visa formalities, checklists and country guides. The site reflects the Group’s ever-changing needs with testimonials and news on business development and regions looking to recruit. In this way, it serves as an effective resource, aligned with both our operating requirements and the mobility aspirations of our employees.

An internal mobility application

Accor managers and executives can map out their own career opportunities using the Success international management application, which offers more than 5,000employees a view of all of the management vacancies across the Group. Participants can inform their direct manager of a proposed career change by posting their résumé, job aspirations and annual performance reviews on the site. They can also submit applications for any vacancies. This information may be viewed by other managers, who can use it to foresee and plan their staffing needs.

Assessing performance and providing effective guidance

Every year, it is recommended that employees have an annual review with their manager, during which they mutually discuss performance over the past year and set objectives for the next. The review also gives employees an opportunity to express their career goals so that an appropriate development plan can be proposed.

Supporting brand development

As part of our growth strategy, the brands are playing a greater role in our human resources strategic landscape, while instilling a management culture aligned with their identity. They are enhancing their appeal with employee training programs, thereby helping to develop the expertise and employability of their teams.

Enabling employees to move forward

In 2012, for example, Sofitel continued to deploy its “Ambassador” program, which is designed to offer eligible employees career development opportunities through a threestage process: