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On the website, the “Recruitment & Careers” section is designed to present the wide variety of career opportunities available in our corporate community. Applicants can also take a quiz to discover which jobs are right for them or browse a comprehensive guide that presents our many jobs in detail.

Available in 12languages, the AccorJobs job vacancies site posted nearly 20,000offers for jobs or internships in 2012, generating more than 500,000applications. Applicants can also search the offers from their smart phone, thanks to a new mobile-friendly website.

An online HR strategy, extensively developed in 2012, is extending these existing resources to such new media as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social networks. In early 2013, Potentialpark ranked Accor best in France in online human resources communication and fourth in Europe, in recognition for the actions undertaken in 2012.

Apprenticeship programs

In France, Accor has signed the Charter initiated by the French Apprenticeships and Vocational Training Ministry to promote access to work/study contracts for young people supported by local young-adult employment agencies. The Charter helps to improve the information young people receive regarding local work/study programs, orient them to the right one and prevent dropout by fostering dialogue between the student, their local employment advisor and their company mentor. In 2012, 650people were involved in work/study programs in France, of which two-thirds under apprenticeship contracts.

Also in France, M’App, a special apprenticeship label, is awarded to Mercure hotels that make a commitment to provide quality training and support to young people in work/ study programs. The hotel team, the apprentice and his or her mentor all sign a “contract of trust” describing the rights and responsibilities of each party in ensuring the program’s success. The label system enables work/study participants to receive personalized training and support, while helping the hotels to attract, train and retain young employees. Through this system, the Mercure brand has created a reservoir of potential employees, with 500 people participating in the program since its launch, including more than 230 who have stayed on as Group employees. Accor also recognizes the important role played by Mercure mentors with a specific training module at the Académie Accor that has been taken by more than 280 participants since 2008.

Corporate Responsibility



Enhancing employee capabilities

Training and skills development for all of our teams in every aspect of the business is a core component of Accor’s human resources policies. The emphasis on promoting from within means that employees enjoy exciting career development opportunities. As part of this commitment, adult training programs have been especially introduced to enable employees to move into management positions.

Partnering with educational systems

A dedicated outreach strategy for recent graduates is in place to attract, onboard and develop talent from universities and professional schools. Its scope of application covers:

a work-study programs, to offer a consistent framework

and support the strategy with apprenticeship contracts,

internships or gap years with the Group;

a onboarding programs, to give new hires an overall vision of the Group through the “Keys to Success” seminar and a systematic training period of at least one week in a front-line position for headquarters staff;

a compensation policies, to define common reference points

for starting salaries, wage scales and raises, all in line with

market practices;

Close relationships and partnerships with local educational systems are being nurtured and expanded in our host countries, involving a large number of business schools, hotel management schools and universities. In 2012, the school partnership teams met with 3,800 bachelor’s and master’s level students during international conferences and trade fairs, with the goal of enabling several hundred of them to participate in internships and find jobs in Accor hotels and support functions.

As part of the partnership with the Lausanne Hotel School (EHL), an Accor back-to-school event was organized on September18, 2012, during which Group senior executives, the co-Founding Chairmen and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer met with incoming EHL students to share their passion for the Hospitality business.

In France, a vocational and adult training agreement signed in 1999 with the National Education Ministry is helping to deepen cooperation with higher education institutions through hands-on initiatives, provide young graduates with more information to guide their career choices, and inform high school and middle school teachers about jobs in the hospitality and foodservices industry.

In recent years, Accor has been deploying an assertive job tracks strategy to improve hotel performance by creating talent pools in jobs that will play key roles in tomorrow’s hospitality industry.