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Europe Latin (excl. America & Other France France) Asia-Pacific Caribbean countries

Total 2012 Total 2011

Average number of days of training for non-managers 1.1 1.4 4.0 4.6 4.1


Number of employees having attended at least one training course 8,685 22,151 85,222 11,111 16,835 143,937

Of whom managers 3,059 4,238 22,051 1,225 2,691

31,566 Of whom non-managers 5,626 17,913 63,171 9,886 14,144


TOTAL NUMBER OF DAYS OF TRAINING 26,005 43,818 248,174 49,938 88,831 435,092

3.2 144,004 33,264 110,740 456,766

Methodology a Number of days of training: training in a country’s hotels and head offices is reported in number of days rather than

a Training: the number of reported training days includes hours. When courses, such as e-learning modules, last onlycourses conducted by the Académie Accor and contract a few hours, they are converted into days on the basis ofservice providers for hotels and head offices, as well as the eight hours per day.

brand program training led by managers for their teams. Accor considers that these data reflect the majority of the a Absenteeism “for other reasons”: these absences do training offered to employees. However, part of the training not give rise to any direct costs for the Group because they conducted in the hotels may not be reported to Group level. include authorized and unauthorized unpaid leave (other than Examples include induction courses for new hires or non-for family events), depending on local labor laws. brand program courses led by managers with the help of specialized materials provided by the Académie Accor .


Accor’s human resources strategy is designed to support the development of the brands and to continuously enhance employee capabilities in the diverse, ever-changing array of hospitality skill-sets. To meet our core challenges of professionalism and mobility, therefore, we continuously strive to develop employee expertise and recognize and reward this expertise with career opportunities.

Attracting new talent

Hiring and retaining the right people is an ongoing objective of our human resources strategy, with policies aligned with local conditions in every host country.

In mature markets, Accor is enhancing its appeal as an employer by using a wide variety of innovative recruitment methods and offering motivating career opportunities to attract and retain the best talent.

In emerging markets, we need to find the qualified employees required to support our expansion. In certain fast-growing regions, it is difficult to hire enough qualified hotel managers and employees to deliver the superior guest experience customers deserve and to transfer their expertise to locally hired teams.

Tools and resources deployed in the Group

Accor offers franchise partners and the owners of managed hotels all the benefits of a world-renowned organization and its brands, while helping them to enhance their image as a good place to work with international resources adapted to every job market.

A global employer brand is displayed on all forms of corporate media for employee and public use, including advertising, online media and below-the-line advertising (booths, posters, job-fair folders, etc.). It visually recalls the advantages of a career with Accor, such as training and skills development, promotion from within and recognition systems.