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Our Commitments to employees

A commitment to diversity

Promotion and respect for the clauses of ILO conventions from the Respect for the right

Promoting diversity and equal 38 -39 to organise and collective bargaining to the / /opportunity Abolition of discrimination in employment and occupation

Gender equality in the workplace 39-40 Percentage of women in management positions at the hotel General Manager, Commitment Operations Director and country Measures promoting gender equality LA 13 P 1, 2 & 6

40Executive Committee levels, as well as in head offices, notably among senior executives.

Measures promoting the employment and

People with disabilities 40 / /

integration of people with disabilities

Locally defined discrimination alert plans 41

Policy against discrimination / /

Diversity training 41

Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits policies 41-42

Employment: compensation

Employee savings and stock ownership 42

Insurance coverage 43 Health and safety conditions at work / / /

Directors' fees, executive compensation Employment: compensation and evolution of


and workforce compensation

Health and working conditions

Employee health and safety 43 Employee training in good health and Health and safety conditions at work LA 8 F

44eating habits

Health and Safety Committees 43-44 Outcome of the collective agreements / / Workplace health and safety signed with trade unions regarding

44 LA 9 F

agreements occupational health and safety CommitmentLost-time incident frequency rate 43 Frequency and seriousness of incident 1 & 3LA 7 PFatal workplace accidents 43 Frequency and seriousness of incident

Indicator under construction:

N/A Occupational diseases

occupational illnesses

Impact of the Group activity regarding / / work time organization and collective 44-45 Organization of work time agreements

Social dialogue

Employee surveys 45 /

Organization of social dialogue

Employee representative organizations 46 / / Commitment

Collective agreements 45-46 Outcome of the collective agreements 3


Environmental Policy


Organization of the company to take

Internal organization 47 F into account environmental concerns. If

approach Management application 47-49 applicable Environmental evaluation and 3.1 à 3.11 F Commitment Certification procedures 49-50 verification approachs / 7, 8 & 9

Budget dedicated to environmental

Environmental expenditure 50 EN30 F

protection and environmental risk mitigation.