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Company name


Registered office

110, avenue de France – 75013 Paris.

Legal form

Joint stock company (société anonyme) governed by the applicable French laws and regulations, including Articles

L.225-17 to L.225-56 of the French Commercial Code.

Governing law

The laws and regulations of France.


The Company was incorporated on April22, 1960 and will be dissolved on April22, 2059 unless it is wound up in advance or its term is extended.

Corporate purpose

(Article3 of the Bylaws)

The Company’s corporate purpose is to engage in the following activities, in France and other countries, for its own account, on behalf of third parties, or jointly with third parties:

a the ownership, financing and management, directly, indirectly, or under specified mandates, of hotels, restaurants and bars of any nature or category and, more generally, any establishment related to lodging, food, tourism, leisure, and services;

a the economic, financial, and technical review of projects and, generally, all services related to the development, organization and management of the above-mentioned establishments, including all actions related to their construction or the provision of any related consulting services;

a the review and provision of services intended to facilitate the supply of meals to employees in companies, institutions and other organizations;

a the creation of any new company and the acquisition of interests by any method in any company operating in any business;

a all civil, commercial, industrial and financial transactions, involving both securities and property, related to the purposes of the Company and all similar or related purposes.

Trade register

The Company is registered in Paris under number602,036,444.

Business Identification (APE) Code: 7010Z.

Documents on display

Corporate documents, including the Bylaws, balance sheets, income statements, Board of Directors’ reports and Auditors’ reports, may be inspected at the Company’s registered office.

Fiscal year

The Company’s fiscal year begins on January1 and ends on December31.

Profit available for distribution

(Article27 of the Bylaws)

Profit available for distribution consists of net profit for the year, less any losses brought forward from prior years and any amounts to be credited to reserves pursuant to the law, plus any unappropriated retained earnings brought forward from prior years.

After approving the accounts for the year, the Annual Meeting may decide to appropriate all or part of the profit available for distribution, if any, to the payment of a dividend. In the event of partial distribution, the Annual Meeting may decide to appropriate the remaining profit to one or more reserve accounts. Alternatively, the Annual Meeting may decide to appropriate all of the profit available for distribution to said reserve accounts.