Get Adobe Flash player 2Corporate Responsibility OUR COMMITMENTS Pillars Commitments 2015 Objectives 2012 Results Additional Indicators – 2012 Results (without objectives)

4. Reduce 15% reduction in water 5% reduction 95% of hotels monitor and analyze water use

our water use use between 2011 and in 2012 monthly
2015 (owned, leased

93% of hotels have installed flow regulators

and managed hotels)*

on showers and faucets 189 hotels are equipped with rainwater recovery installations

5. Expand waste 85% of hotels recycle 79% 91% of hotels sort and recycle batteries recycling their waste

90% of hotels sort and process compact

fluorescent tubes and light bulbs 86% of hotels sort and recycle paper and cardboard

6. Protect 60% of hotels 39% 87% of hotels use locally adapted plants biodiversity participate in the

71% use eco-friendly gardening products

Plant for the Planet reforestation project 82% of hotels use certified paper for printing

7. Reduce our 10% reduction in 3% increase 93% of hotels monitor and analyze energy use

energy use energy use between in 2012 monthly
2011 and 2015 (owned,

94% hotels use low-consumption lamps

leased and managed

for 24/7 lighting


92% of hotels monitor the optimum settings of energy installations

8. Reduce our CO2 10% reduction in CO2 10% increase 76% of hotels check that equipment containing

emissions emissions between in 2012 HCFCs and HFCs is leak-proof
2011 and 2015 (owned,

68% of hotels use energy-efficient boilers

leased and managed

65% of hotels use energy-efficient air


conditioning and cooling equipment

9. Increase the use 10% of hotels use 6% 183 hotels use renewable energies of renewable renewable energies

145 hotels are equipped with solar panels


for domestic hot water

10. Encourage 40% of hotels 23% 57% of hotels use dispensers or

eco-design have at least three eco-responsible packaging for bathroom eco-designed room products components

20% of hotels have eco-labeled bathroom

products 10% of hotels use responsible bedding components