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Corporate Presentation


1. Strengthening the brands and distribution

Accor has a portfolio of strong, strategically aligned brands, clearly positioned in their markets and ranging from luxury to budget hotels. They comprise both international and regional brands, so that we can address all of the specific features and needs of each of our host markets.

Strong brands recognized across the hospitality spectrum

The Accor brand portfolio covers every segment of the hospitality market, with a strategic balance between standardized brands and more open brands, which are particularly suitable for franchise-based expansion and the rebranding of existing properties. Given their reputation, each of these brands offers affiliated hotels the guarantee of high guest awareness and powerful centralizing booking capabilities. They also act as critical drivers of our fast expansion and enjoy strong reputations around the world.

Demonstrated proficiency in every operating†structure

The fact that we own, lease, manage and franchise hotels around the world contributes to our strength and operating excellence. Our credibility with franchisees and owner-partners stems from our expertise, acquired since the beginning, in understanding operating issues holistically. As we reorient our portfolio towards a less capital-intensive model, it is vitally important that we retain proficiency in these issues, through subsidiaries capable of acting as the primary vectors for new strategies. The hotels owned or leased by the subsidiaries also serve as emblems of the Group. At the same time, we are developing and enhancing our role as a service provider for hotel owners.

A new approach to distribution

In a highly competitive marketplace, distribution is a businesscritical challenge, whose performance offers a compelling argument in working with owners to expand the managed and franchised network.

Accor has developed an incomparable distribution process, with the industry’s leading fully web-based central booking system, seamless connectivity with online distributors and a very broad presence in mobile applications. This proficiency in distribution, unmatched anywhere else in the hospitality industry, helps to secure profitability while offering an invaluable tool for enhancing guest intelligence and managing the guest relationship.